Rigging for a trip

How many times have you made that list?… the list that has everything you need for a road trip.  Just before you drive away, you forget your toasted bagel and coffee on the counter. Spin around, grab it and your on your way.  The trip is ahead, and who knows what it will bring.  I’m hoping for good weather, no traffic and for my climbing partner to show up and be ready to go.  That won’t happen, but I can hope for it.

Wednesday is GO TIME, it’s been pushcd back a few days because my buddy JB had to finish up some work.  The skies are clearing above Moab, and my gear is scattered all over the place.  I’m racking as light as I can for some back packing into the Lone Peak Cirque above Provo, then up to the Wind Rivers in Wyoming… I guess no time then the present to get fit Eh?

When I rig for a trip there are a few things to consider… space in the truck, who brings what and will the guitars fit on top of it all.  I know this, I can’t go anywhere without my skateboard, camera’s, etc… I could fill a truck with all the gear I have. Will there be enough room???

Gregory Packs… PMI ropes, (1) 9.4mm x 60m, (1)9.8mm x 70m, 5.10 shoes… a large variety, tape, knee pads, long sleeve shirts (for Vedauwoo).  Psyched!

Camping gear, climbing gear, cooking gear, music.. music is necessary for any road trip, clothes for hot, cold, rain… water filter, tent, sleeping bag, helmet.

I’m looking forward to see another part of the country.  These are places I’ve read about for years, seen photos of, and I’m finally going to tick them off.  It’s going to be a sufferfest and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lightning has been a worry this year and early starts are the name of the game.  There are also two escaped convicts hiding out in Yellowstone… just like the Butch and Sundance days.  WTF!


Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Summer 2010

Just getting back to Moab after a visit to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer trade show.  It’s a great place to catch up with friends see new product and talk business.  I came into Salt Lake after a drive through torrential rains and traffic on the second day of the show.  I was hoping to make it to the 25th Anniversary party for 5.10, but did not make it in time.  The next day I had a chance to catch up with Charles Cole, Laura Sanders and the rest of the 5.10 crew.

Charles showed me his new designs, one that blew me away, called the WARHAWK.  “Souped up Daescent with padded tongue and nubuck leather upper.  Ultra-light shoe with stirrup straps for extra support.  Supportive EVA heel wedge for stability.”  Great job Charles… can’t wait to try a pair out. www.fiveten.com

I had a great meeting with Casey and Ryan at Trango Extraordinary Climbing Gear.  I have been working with them for many years now as an ambassador for their gear.  They have some of the lightest gear on the market, making it exceptional for the mountains.  Keep it up guys!  http://trango.com/

Beer, food, music and movies were happening all over after each show day.  It seemed good and busy for everyone there.  The storms had slowed down, and I’m now back in Moab getting ready for my next adventure.

I’m rigging for a climbing trip, heading throughout Wyoming, South Dakota and Colorado.  It’s time to get to the mountains!!