Wabisabi Fashion Show – Annie Dalton

I had the chance to shoot photos of the Wabisabi fashion show which happened in March.  Designer Annie Dalton has added some shots to her blog and written how her creative process works.

Take a look.


Each year, Wabisabi collaborates with artists and designers from Moab to create incredible pieces all from recycled material.  This was my first time to the event which was held south of town at the Spanish Valley Arena.  An intricate light show took place as music blasted from the speakers.  The house was packed and people were dressed up with the alien theme in mind.  Glow sticks were being whipped around by the dark crowd as the lit stage showed off the work of many designers.  A great time was had by all.  The fashion show is the biggest Moab event, bringing people out from the cold winter, bringing great energy to town just in time for spring.