Katie Brown and Prana

Katie Brown is one of the most well known female rock climbers or all time.  She’s been on the rocks most of her life and has traveled to many exotic places, the ones we all dream of.  When Katie was living in Moab a few years back, I had the chance to shoot some photos with her, while just as winter was fading.  In her recent blog post on the Prana website she used a photo from one of those cold winter days.

Click this link to read Katie’s story on the Prana Blog and see the photo.


Professional Rock Climber Liv Sansoz in Las Vegas

Liv Sansoz… when I picture her, I think of images by Jim Thornburg of her climbing at Mt. Charleston on some super gnarly pocketed 5.14.  Liv happens to be an incredibly talented french rock climber who has been on top of the game for many years.  This past March I was hired as the event photographer for the Mountain Gear, Red Rock Rendezvous.  This event has been a part of my spring for 8 years now, one of the best event going.

While I was running around, trying to see and meet everyone, I had the chance to officially meet  Liv at a crag she was guiding on.  We chatted for a while, met her guests, who were having the best time… learning how to climb and rappel.

Take a look at Liv’s blog…  see some of my photos from the Mountain Gear Red Rock Rendezvous with Liv, and check out more of her posts.

Click here to read Liv’s blog and see photos from the 2011 Rendezvous

Climb on!