William Tower – The Bird Man, fallen tree to living art

The creation of art comes in many shapes and forms.  I’m alway keeping my eyes open on my trips to see what people are creating.  On my drive through Lake Arrowhead, California this past January, I was making a turn onto the highway and glanced to the side to see a giant eagle being carved out of a giant tree.  By far it was the largest wooden sculpture I had ever seen.  This eagle was being carved by William Tower with a 50″ chainsaw.  He was in the middle of a huge cut that was taking all of his concentration.  People were flooding the yard where he was cutting to see this piece he was working on, and to purchase smaller pieces for their homes.   I kept thinking, How would you move this thing?

William said he had contacted the Guinness book of World Records to enter this piece, as it is the largest wood carving to date.  As we were standing in the talking a red tailed hawk was hovering above.  He said that since he has been working on this piece, hawks and eagles have been flying by on a daily basis.  The piece has an incredible look to it.  Hope William gets into the Guinness book and continues creating great works of art. Take a look at his website.  www.towerartwilliam.com.


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