Moab Half Marathon New Race for 2012

The Moab Half Marathon just released the news of their new race, the Thelma & Louise Half Marathon.  This organization has been putting on the Canyonlands Half Marathon, The Other Half and the Winter Sun 10K for many years.  I gave the Half Marathon a go a few years ago and was amazed at the energy of the runners.  A great 13.1 mile run down Hwy 128 put us into downtown Moab.  Along the way the view of the sandstone walls along the Colorado River was incredible, the energy of all the participants was awesome, which helped me all the way to the finish line.  I looking forward to the Thelma & Louise marathon.


The photo shoot for this job was a dawn patrol morning.  The best thing about heading out early is you never know what type of sky you will get and for how long.  As the sunlight bounced across the base of the clouds and began to lighten the sky, we were in position, waiting for the cliffs near Canyonlands to glow.  Mindy and Faye were great models (Thanks!) and were psyched to do the “just one more time” routine.  I mean, what photographer doesn’t… unless you know you stuck it, then they say, “one more time.”  The clouds opened up perfectly which was great, because we didn’t have much time before the sun rose above them.  Shot with a Canon 5D.


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