Some of the favorites

This winter has been so good… I got to see my little sister get married… spending quality time with the parents… and visiting with longtime friends.  There has been some climbing going on here and there, seeing some great friends and working on some of my photos.  I have time… mostly because of the rain falling outside.  I’m psyched now to learn about all the facets of photography.  From fine art prints, to wedding, to portrait (humans and animals) and of course keeping with my adventure background.  I’m starting off by showing you some of my favorite prints at the moment.  Enjoy this red beauty!  

"Where's Waldo"


Delicate Arch from the air (above).

"Delicate Jupiter"


Delicate Arch being lit by the full moon as the sun sets to the West.



Sister Superior Tower along the Castle Ridge with Arches beyond and a glimpse at the Colorado River off to the right.

"Titans View


The Ancient sea bed formations of Cutler sandstone form the incredible Fisher Towers, and the 

"Path of least resistance"


"Mysterious Ways"

"Mysterious Ways"


A massive storm hits town, and as everyone is heading to the coffee shops or movie store… I get in my truck and start driving.  Over to 500W and into the river corridor on Kane Creek rd.  All around water is ripping off the walls.  It’s something you just wouldn’t ever expect to see. 




On a generous flight over Moab and all the surrounding areas by Steven Johnston.  After flying right through the notch between the towers you see on the left, we head over to the Fishers and Onion creek for a fly by.  On our way back the clouds break and the Rectory and Castleton are lit up.  You can see the burn zone just behind, also lit up.  The peaks in the back are from left to right.  Mellenthin, Peale (the highest 12,721′ in the far back, the summit is shadowed) and across the knife blade ridge it Tukuhnikivatz.  I was turning every direction in my small buckled down enclosure.  This amazed me.