Virginia & Matthew – Delicate Arch Sunrise Wedding, Arches National Park

Arches National Park happens to be one of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world.  It just so happens to be right in my backyard and I get out to enjoy it all the time.  On March 11th Virginia and Matthew decided to have their wedding ceremony under the most iconic arch in the park, Delicate Arch.

We started the hike around 7am, and surprisingly the temperature was not to cold for being a winter morning.  There were a few wispy clouds in the sky that began to glow as the sun crested the La Sal mountains.  After the hour approach, the sun began to hit the arch as the ceremony began.  It was a very small ceremony with the bride and groom each having their families with them.  Wishing Virginia and Matthew the best in the future.

Enjoy these images of this perfect day.

Permits are needed for weddings in Arches, which gives the group a ranger to control the crowds during the ceremony.  If you are interested in a National Park wedding, please contact me at 435.260.9802.   -Eric


Winter Sunshine – Trash the Dress with the Simons – 2 year anniversary

Just after Christmas in California I did this photo shoot with the Sara and Sven Simon for their second anniversary.  We headed to Laguna Beach, just north of San Diego for a Trash the Dress photo shoot.  The dress survived the shoot and they both had a great time.  This was the place that Sven proposed to Sara.  After living in Moab for the past six years, it was great to be in the warm California sunshine.  Enjoy!

Gift of Life

I was on my way out of town, heading north toward the Potash Rd to get some photos of the Colorado at it’s flood stage.  While driving I looked up at a streelight and could see a bird poised… this bird was not a pigeon.  This larger bird happened to be a red tail hawk.  I quickly stopped, flipped the car around and hoped to get back in time to see him before he took off.   I grabbed my camera, quickly switched out the for a long lens.  It appeared that he was resting on his wing, or had a chick near.  I couldn’t tell until he stretched his wings out… that he was missing a leg.  It was strange to see this magnificent predatory bird injured.  Was he snared, blown off from a transformer, shot at?…  a sad sight.  I’m sure he was up there, trying to figure out how to survive, catch it’s next meal and continue to live.   I have no doubt this hawk was in pain.  Just then, a tourist, jumped out of the car and lingered around long enough to disturb the hawks bubble. He launched with his one leg and flew off toward the sandstone walls, and soon disappeared into the red desert.  I continued to my original destination up on the Portal Trail to see the great glowing walls just inside the river corridor.  I’m sure the red tail was on the other side soaring as the sun set.

.ISO 100 1/640 sec at f/6.3

ISO 100 1/640 sec at F/6.3

ISO 100 1/640 sec at f/6.3

ISO 100 1/640 sec at f/6.3

ISO 100 1/640 sec at f/6.3

When I head out to shoot, I keep my options open, go to an area that looks good… because it won’t look like that for only a few moments.  Take time with the subject, whether it be light a person or an incredible red tailed hawk.  Have patience and it will all line up. Absorb your surroundings.